The Makover Rav Zt”l – Original


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Rav Moshe Vorhand Zt’l famously known as the Makover Rav was born in Hungary in 1860. He established an excellent Yeshiva in Nitra which attracted boys from all over Hungary and served as the Rosh Yeshiva for 25 years.

Rav Moshe Vorhand Zt’l went on to accept a position as Rav over the Hungarian town of Makov where he remained for 32 years until he was brutally murdered by the Nazis in 1944. His dynamic influence encompasses all Hungarian Jewry and his legacy endures as a shining light among twentieth century Rabbinical leaders.

In this painting I combined two photos together; taking the Rav with his followers and putting them on a background of his synagogue. The synagogue photo is in fact an image of the synagogue today, however I made some changes to the colouring to bring forth a true pre-war age feel.

Dimensions 50 × 60 cm

Artwork Size

50 x 60cm

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