In the Crack of the Rock – Original

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History & Inspiration

I composed this painting based on a phrase from Shir Hashirim chapter 2:14, which translates as ‘my bird in the crack in the rock’. Referring to times when we may be trapped with no way to turn as the Jews were when they came out of Egypt and faced by sea and enemies all around them. However the verse continues to say that when we open our mouths and call out in prayer G-d will set us free. Just like a small bird that is escaping the vulture, crouched in a tiny crack in the wall while a lethal snake slides towards it, the bird is us suffering, tormented from all sides and hiding yet when we call out to G-d He will set us free. This piece symbolises the freedom as the birds fly out of the rocks.

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Dimensions 27 × 69 cm

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27 x 69cm

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