About Hava.

Hava Sebbag currently lives in London with her husband and children. She was born in a small town in France named Colmar. Growing up she was filled with a constant sense of fascination towards her surroundings and her observational stance coupled with her eye for detail was often remarked upon from an early age. Her talent was quick to express herself as she developed a love for art and drawing. This passion further intensified with the passing of her father, where as a very young girl she sought comfort and expressed her emotions through her sketches and artwork.

Following her study in France, she traveled to Israel where she studied under various artists such as Bitia Geffen and the renowned painter – Yossi Rosenstein, where as an exemplary student developed her undeniable talent. Hava gained a wide experience and expansive knowledge in the intricacies of art and as a result of her independancy and individual qualities was able to skillfully channel all she had learnt to establish her own unique style. In her early 20s she moved to Gibraltar with her family where she began teaching art.

She soon settled in London where her reputation continues to succeed her and today teaches many keen students while simultaneously expanding her technique and style with experience. She has experimented with a variety of mediums including watercolour, acrylic and pencil however fell in love with oil; now mainly painting with oil on canvas, wood panel and most recently metal.

Over the years, she traveled to various parts of Europe where the landscapes she saw inspired her and she thus incorporated them into her art in a way no picture could justify in its’ banal form. This is clearly evident in her paintings of Venice, England, Israel and her hometown where the element and image is brought out to a breathtaking dimension.

In addition to this she took pride in portraying her Jewish culture through art with still lifes of Jewish items where these seemingly mere inanimate objects are laden with meaning and feelings to all those who are familiar with them. She thrives in creating compositions that will encapture a Jewish ideology or concept far beyond the articles presented.

Recently, Hava has broadened her perspective and has begun touching on surrealism to express certain thoughts and emotions through still life pieces. She brings together paraphernalia that are foreign to each other in order to construct an image in the viewer’s mind that will resonate within themselves to a degree that only art can accomplish.

Currently her extensive repertoire of portraits has been a huge focus for her as she intensely studies and paints great spiritual Rabbis; with the belief that by gazing at these inspiring figures people will feel encouraged to persevere and keep striving upwards to achieve the best they can in every sense. These painting portray exquisite accuracy and detail, bringing out an expression of true colour to produce a portrait so defining and real in every sense. However, it has been testified by many that where her true genius lies is in creating a look and a mood affecting an overwhelming impression of who she has painted; the character and depth of human quality comes alive, the eyes intense with emotion and spirituality producing an effect one can only marvel at.

In addition to private sales and commissions; Hava enjoys hosting exhibitions of her work to raise money for certain charities such as SEED and Shalva. At such events she sells original as well as prints to those who attend.

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Hava is currently taking bookings for art gallery appearances.

Telephone: +44 7751 434 797

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