Gratitude – Limited Edition Print


History & Inspiration

I began painting this portrait shortly after Rav Eliashiv passed away on 18th July 2012. Born in 1910 at Šiauliai, an only child to his parents after 17 years of marriage. He arrived in Palestine in 1922, and married Sheina Chaya with whom he had five sons and seven daughters.

During Rav Elyashiv’s lifetime, six of his children died. Two died in their youth: a son who died of illness as a child, and a daughter killed by Jordanian shelling in 1948. Four other children died over the course of his lifetime. At the time of his death, he had approximately 1,400 descendants, including two sixth-generation descendants. He had seen the beginning of a sixth-generation in 2009, when a grandson was born to one of his great-grandchildren.

I drew inspiration to depict this painting of him….

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