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Hava Sebbag currently lives in London with her husband and children. She was born in France in a small town named Colmar. As a young child she was constantly fascinated by her surroundings and her observational and eye for detail was remarked upon from an early age. Her talent was quick to express itself, as a young girl she drew brilliant sketches of her surroundings, far from being shallow externals what she drew and painted was always to draw out a poignant element which made a powerful impression on her and thus conveyed a meaningfulness and depth to her paintings.

Following her study in France, she travelled to Israel where she studied under a renowned painter, Yossi Rosenstein and other artists, where as an exemplary student developed her undeniable talent. She gained a wide experience and expansive knowledge in the intricacies of art, as a result of her independancy and individual qualities, was able to skillfully channel all she had learned to point, in her own formidable style. In her early 20s she lived in Gibraltar with her family, where she taught art.

She soon moved to London where her reputation continues to succeed her, and still today teaches hundreds of keen students, while simultaneously expanding her style with experience. During this time, she travelled various parts of Europe where she was inspired, incorporating into her art. Studying landscapes first hand, to be able to see the true image of what she was painting, that no picture could justify in its banal form. This is clearly evident in her paintings of Venice, Israel and her hometown, where the element and image is brought out to a breathtaking dimension.

Currently her repertoire of acrylic and oil paintings (mainly focusing on oil) for the past five years, intensely studying and painting portraits of great spiritual Rabbis, portraying in her paintings exquisite accuracy and detail, bringing out tightly, an expression of true colour to produce a portrait so defining and real in every sense. However, where her true genius lies is in creating a look and a mood affecting an overwhelming impression of who she has painted, the character and depth of human quality alive, the eyes intense with emotion and spirituality producing an effect one can only marvel at...


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